The fluid Self in a fluid world – or how to go with the flow and not hit the rocks!

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Change, as we all know, is good.  Some prior knowledge of Jung’s thoughts around the fixed personality myth is not needed to understand this blog post. His idea of a fluid personality is so ingrained in modern thinking that we really do take it for granted. However if you want to watch a fab ye olde BBC interview with the man skip to the video below or go here – JUNG on the BBC – my favourite bit is the 3mins of setup before the interview even begins.

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Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms?

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Game of Thrones 3 seasons of events from Giggle on Vimeo.

Like us, are you distraught at having to wait a whole year for the next season of Game of Thrones? We thought so.  Consequently, we decided to showcase a little added extra from our work over the last 3 years with Sky.
Game of Thrones Season 4 – UK Premiere

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Roald Dahl 100 years

The Gloriumptoius Human Bean, Roald Dahl

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Do you know your Snozzcumber from your Bagglepipes and your Quogwinkle from your Trogglehumper?
Then you are probably like us human beans at Giggle and love the delicious and mischievous world of Roald Dahl.

2016 marks 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl

There will be celebrations for Roald Dahl 100, adiposity focusing on his gloriumptious stories and characters and delivering a year packed with squiffling surprises and treats for everyone.

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NOWTV offering

Giggle and Sky launch the latest NOW TV package

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NOW TV demo

NOW TV demo area

Colourful Content For Now TV’s Combo Launch

The Giggle team were up early last week.  Scratching our beards, we peered sightlessly into the the Shoreditch gloom. Like a team of polar explorers, we moved slowly towards the light pouring from the Truman Brewery.  Once inside, we blinked in delight at the vision awaiting us.  There wasn’t a minute to waste as we responded quickly to a few minor, last-minute adjustments.  It was June 28th and the day of the long-awaited launch of Now TV’s new box and contract-free broadband offering.

We were once more re-united with one of our favourite clients, the magnificent Sharon Kersley at Sky Events.  For the past 3 months, we had been working on this event and finally, the big day was here.  The process began with the design of  the specially-constructed event space.  In addition, we had created all of the presentation content for the wildly colourful Now TV brand.  After an intense few weeks, it was great to watch the visual presentation unfold before a delighted audience of journalists and bloggers.  As the presentation drew to a close, our work was done.  Reluctantly we tore ourselves away from the technicolored wonderland in search of a craft beer and an over-priced ceviche-burger-Texmex-combo.

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