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Upstanders – Starbucks Makes Documentaries Now

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From Coffee to Content

Seems like Starbucks is making more than coffee these days.  The coffee giant’s CEO, Howard Schultz, has collaborated with his SVP Rajiv Chandrasekaran to write and produce Upstanders – an inspiring 10-part original content series.  Upstanders are ordinary people doing extraordinary things to effect positive change. Using a journalistic process to identify compelling, authentic and inspiring stories, Starbucks has raised the bar for branded content. Each story comes in 3 formats – written, video and podcast – and focuses on ordinary people doing positive things.

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Experience full immersive virtual reality at Bjork Digital

Experience full immersive virtual reality at Bjork Digital

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Icelandic icon Bjork has always been an immersive innovator. She recorded her first album when she was just 11 years old. During her teens, she was in numerous bands, with styles from jazz-fusion to goth. Mastering various musical instruments, she has even created her own. You may be aware of her past as the singer of avantpop band The Sugarcubes. However, it is as a solo artist that she has really made her mark, successfully collaborating with many prominent artists.

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Fail fast, fix fast, learn fast

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Former Saatchi Boss Kevin Roberts “fail exceptionally fast”. PHOTO by Eddie Mulholland

Say ‘goodbye’ to vertical ambition and ‘hello’ to horizontal gardening leave

Former Saatchi boss, Kevin Roberts, revealed his leadership maxim last week.  It is: Fail Fast, Fix Fast, Learn Fast.  With hindsight, it seems eerily prescient. After telling an interviewer that women in advertising lack male ambition, he faced suspension.  Finally falling on his sword, he said ‘goodbye’ to vertical ambition and ‘hello’ to horizontal gardening leave.  Hopefully, he will have plenty of time to learn some hard lessons – fast or slow – whilst tending the dahlias. Read More


Get it off your chest – under your shirt communication?

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In the early noughties many a football referee demanded “Whats under your shirt?” A memorable time when a striker could emblazon his undershirt with a slogan to communicate his feelings. It could have been a birth, a memorial to the dearly departed or a political statement.

Sadly this ad-hoc messaging is far rarer these days.

The ban of messaged undergarments in 2014 carried the threat of yellow cards and fines to punish players.

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Bringing Britain Closer

The immersive world of British Airways

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Setting the immersive scene

Cast your minds back to a better time. Brexit was but a glint in the eye of Boris and David; Donald Trump certainly wasn’t the Republican candidate. We were embarking on our latest exciting project. British Airways and Chase Bank had teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge to create a British menu to “Bring Britain Closer” to the USA. We were charged with creating an immersive dining experience to bring the sights and sounds of the areas of Britain that each course was from.

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