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Get it off your chest – under your shirt communication?

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In the early noughties many a football referee demanded “Whats under your shirt?” A memorable time when a striker could emblazon his undershirt with a slogan to communicate his feelings. It could have been a birth, a memorial to the dearly departed or a political statement.

Sadly this ad-hoc messaging is far rarer these days.

The ban of messaged undergarments in 2014 carried the threat of yellow cards and fines to punish players.

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NOWTV offering

Giggle and Sky launch the latest NOW TV package

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NOW TV demo

NOW TV demo area

Colourful Content For Now TV’s Combo Launch

The Giggle team were up early last week.  Scratching our beards, we peered sightlessly into the the Shoreditch gloom. Like a team of polar explorers, we moved slowly towards the light pouring from the Truman Brewery.  Once inside, we blinked in delight at the vision awaiting us.  There wasn’t a minute to waste as we responded quickly to a few minor, last-minute adjustments.  It was June 28th and the day of the long-awaited launch of Now TV’s new box and contract-free broadband offering.

We were once more re-united with one of our favourite clients, the magnificent Sharon Kersley at Sky Events.  For the past 3 months, we had been working on this event and finally, the big day was here.  The process began with the design of  the specially-constructed event space.  In addition, we had created all of the presentation content for the wildly colourful Now TV brand.  After an intense few weeks, it was great to watch the visual presentation unfold before a delighted audience of journalists and bloggers.  As the presentation drew to a close, our work was done.  Reluctantly we tore ourselves away from the technicolored wonderland in search of a craft beer and an over-priced ceviche-burger-Texmex-combo.

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Giggle celebrates the fantastic Amber!

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Some of our lovely Gigglers live in the far flung wilds of the countryside. Jim is in Cheltenham, Claire is in Weston-super-Mare, Steve is in Tewkesbury, Jonathan is miles away in Brighton (yes it is quite a commute).

Our fantastic assistant producer Amber is off on a new adventure so Giggle went out to celebrate. It is often difficult to get us all out at the same time for a good old knees-up (although we had an amazing time last month at Go Ape!) The major event this time was Amber’s leaving do. Amber has been with Giggle for almost 2 years but is moving on to pastures new with a move from Bristol to London for a new shiny job in the big smoke.

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