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Your guide to the animation process Storyboarding

Your guide to the animation process: Storyboarding

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The animation process is often considered to be highly-technical and complicated. Depending on the project, that may be true, but never fear, Giggle is here.

As a company that specialises in created animated content, we want all of our clients to understand the animation process, which is why we’re going to be offering brief guides on certain stages. This month is all about the storyboard.

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a very simple, yet vital, tool that’s used in the planning of a video or animation. After a video concept is created and a script is written, a storyboard is then drawn up to help plan how the video or animation will proceed.

A storyboard is made up of a number of squares with lines below. Each square is then filled with illustrations, and elements of the script are added below to highlight different scenes and camera angles. Creative production teams can then work with the clients to make adjustments to the plan as necessary.

Why is it useful in the animation process?

Visualise the final product
Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine the direction of a video, or animation, with nothing more than a script or concept idea written on a piece of paper. A storyboard allows the production team and client to see exactly what will be shown throughout the piece, which means that everyone will have a better understanding of the overall concept.

Create a production plan
As mentioned earlier, a storyboard consists primarily of blank squares for production teams to draw in. When the storyboard is being drawn up, the production team will begin to plan how they want each scene to look. Camera angles and staging can be decided on at this point, which will save time later in the process when the content is being created.

Make adjustments to the script
Storyboards come with space underneath each frame for the inclusion of notes or sections of the script. At this time, production teams may decide that the original script needs adjustment to suit the changing direction of the video or animation. It’s completely normal for changes to be made throughout the creative process, as new ideas and suggestions come in to play to help create the best piece possible.

Great opportunity for client/production team communication
This is a fantastic opportunity for members of the production team to input ideas on how the video should proceed, to ensure the best idea is presented to the time. The client can be shown the storyboard when it is completed, which means that they continue to be involved in the process every step of the way. The production team will often use this time to take additional suggestions to find out if there is anything the client would like to have changed before production begins.

Decide on the animation style
If you’re opting for an animation, the storyboard process will allow the client and production team to decide on the animation style they want to proceed with. Are they going to follow a character based storyline, or just simply have text and data presented? Do they want traditional animation or motion graphics? Should the piece be in 3D or 2D? These are all things that can be discussed with your animation and production team, however, the storyboard will help you visualise and finalise these decisions. Storyboarding is a good example of the regular contact that’s important in a smooth production process that ensures there are no surprises or crossed wires.

A storyboard is an essential planning tool for a video or animation project. On a shoot it will maximise your time and the talents of your crew. At Giggle our animation storyboards are so detailed that often images from the storyboarding stage make their way seamlessly into the final piece. Storyboards from some of our favourite projects have even been know to printed and framed to decorate our studio walls – we take them seriously!

Giggle is a Bristol-based creative agency the specialises in creating content that makes you smile. We have over 10 years of experience in video production, animation, and projection mapping for clients all over the world. Visit our website to get in touch with the team, and take a look at our portfolio.

Projection Mapping: Bringing Big Ideas to Life

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Imagine seeing a waterfall gush down the side of a tower block, or an alien spaceship attacking the side of a cathedral. This is the exciting world of projection mapping, where computer generated and animated content can be projected and scaled onto large surfaces.

Projection mapping redefines the notion of a screen – it could be an exterior brick wall, the dome of a church or a statue. By feeding specialist software with detailed images of the surface, the content is not only projected onto, but works with the landscape.

Last year I saw a nice example on the side of the Brighton Pavilion. Those who have visited Brighton may know that the pavilion was built as a royal holiday home in 1823 by George IV; but lesser known was the pavilion’s role in World War I as a military hospital. 720 beds were set up inside, and in just over a year, over 2,300 wounded soldiers from the Indian Army were cared for in Brighton’s most famous building.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this unusual re-purposing of the pavilion, projection mapping was used to tell the story. Here around 12-13 projectors would have been used, with some hefty speakers to create an encompassing soundscape to transport the audience back to a time of war ships landing on Brighton beach.

Projection Mapping

So how does projection work? Well the trick is to make sure the projection aligns with your building’s features precisely. To do this you need to accurately measure the surface on which the projection will be cast. Architectural measurements are requested and photographs are taken of the site. More intricate buildings also require laser measurements so that every curve and crevice of a structure can be made use of.

With so many possibilities, the animation and the concept itself can be daunting which is why you need a solid production team to rely on.  At Giggle we have heaps of experience and creativity so we can help explore an existing idea or come up with a new one. Anything is possible and we love being pushed into finding out how far we can push an idea.

Projection Mapping

“Good projection mapped animation should be as intricate, colorful and daring as possible.”

Our process is usually:

  • Mood boards,
  • Storyboards,
  • Reccies,
  • Draft animation/ test videos,
  • The animation itself with our in-house team of animators,
  • And a scrupulous rendering and checking phase.

So you’ve got your bespoke animation courtesy of Giggle. Now to run it. You need a server running on a Windows computer or iMac with a powerful graphics card. This is again where we are the experts and can recommend the correct server and put the right team in place to remove the risks of a large projection mapped event.

Once you have your animation you need to turn up on site with plenty of time for setup and rigorous testing. During this period it is important to…

  • Calibrate the projectors,
  • Ensure you have a backup projector, or at least,
  •  Back up bulbs if you aren’t using laser projectors,
  • Back-up drives with the footage to save the risk of corruption,
  •  An animator on hand to make any last minute tweaks,

Usually when launching the projection you will need darkness, To achieve maximum effect it will need to be night if you are projecting outdoors, this is largely down to the projector you choose.

Some projection mapping projects that we’ve worked on in the past include Game of Thrones’ premieres (seasons 4, 5 and 6)

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping

We were the first company to project onto the side of the tower of London.

And British Airways

An immersive dining experience put on by Tom Kerridge.

Projection Mapping

We’d be delighted to work on your projection mapping project. It’s one of our favorite types of job to work on because we can unleash our creativity and show off our expertise! 

Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms?

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Game of Thrones 3 seasons of events from Giggle on Vimeo.

Like us, are you distraught at having to wait a whole year for the next season of Game of Thrones? We thought so.  Consequently, we decided to showcase a little added extra from our work over the last 3 years with Sky.
Game of Thrones Season 4 – UK Premiere

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NOWTV offering

Giggle and Sky launch the latest NOW TV package

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NOW TV demo

NOW TV demo area

Colourful Content For Now TV’s Combo Launch

The Giggle team were up early last week.  Scratching our beards, we peered sightlessly into the the Shoreditch gloom. Like a team of polar explorers, we moved slowly towards the light pouring from the Truman Brewery.  Once inside, we blinked in delight at the vision awaiting us.  There wasn’t a minute to waste as we responded quickly to a few minor, last-minute adjustments.  It was June 28th and the day of the long-awaited launch of Now TV’s new box and contract-free broadband offering.

We were once more re-united with one of our favourite clients, the magnificent Sharon Kersley at Sky Events.  For the past 3 months, we had been working on this event and finally, the big day was here.  The process began with the design of  the specially-constructed event space.  In addition, we had created all of the presentation content for the wildly colourful Now TV brand.  After an intense few weeks, it was great to watch the visual presentation unfold before a delighted audience of journalists and bloggers.  As the presentation drew to a close, our work was done.  Reluctantly we tore ourselves away from the technicolored wonderland in search of a craft beer and an over-priced ceviche-burger-Texmex-combo.

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