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Upstanders – Starbucks Makes Documentaries Now

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From Coffee to Content

Seems like Starbucks is making more than coffee these days.  The coffee giant’s CEO, Howard Schultz, has collaborated with his SVP Rajiv Chandrasekaran to write and produce Upstanders – an inspiring 10-part original content series.  Upstanders are ordinary people doing extraordinary things to effect positive change. Using a journalistic process to identify compelling, authentic and inspiring stories, Starbucks has raised the bar for branded content. Each story comes in 3 formats – written, video and podcast – and focuses on ordinary people doing positive things.

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Fail fast, fix fast, learn fast

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Former Saatchi Boss Kevin Roberts “fail exceptionally fast”. PHOTO by Eddie Mulholland

Say ‘goodbye’ to vertical ambition and ‘hello’ to horizontal gardening leave

Former Saatchi boss, Kevin Roberts, revealed his leadership maxim last week.  It is: Fail Fast, Fix Fast, Learn Fast.  With hindsight, it seems eerily prescient. After telling an interviewer that women in advertising lack male ambition, he faced suspension.  Finally falling on his sword, he said ‘goodbye’ to vertical ambition and ‘hello’ to horizontal gardening leave.  Hopefully, he will have plenty of time to learn some hard lessons – fast or slow – whilst tending the dahlias. Read More

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