Animation vs Live-action Video: Which should you choose for your marketing campaign?

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Animation vs Live-action Video

Creating a video for your company is an important decision. Do you know exactly what you want to present? Is there key information that you need to gather beforehand? And most importantly, do you want your video to be live-action, or animated?

Both video formats come with their own advantages and disadvantages, so here are some vital questions to ask to help you decide which is best to suit your business needs.

What is the aim of the content?

Creative displays of information through animation can be extremely engaging, particularly if you are looking to convey statistics. A lot of complex information can be packed in, because there are limitless ways in which you can display the information on the screen.
A live-action video, on the other hand, gives a more human touch through the use of actors and physical landmarks or scenery. This will help to encourage emotional engagement among audiences, particularly for content that calls for action.
Both routes, if done poorly are counter-productive so you need an agency that is takes on the creative elements whilst remaining faithful to the planned messages and outcomes.
How long will video production take?
The production time of an animated video will vary depending on certain factors. If you’re looking for a detailed piece, this will require additional time to ensure that the colour, movement, and animation style are well suited to your needs. A 2D animation will take less time to complete than a 3D animation, and any voice over will need additional planning and production. On average, a 60-90 second animated video clip could take up to 6 weeks to complete if done well.
A live-action video is often quicker to produce. When a plan and storyline is in place, a live-action video can then be shot, edited and published in a few days. Extra time may be needed for casting and location hunting, however. Live-action can also be limiting, as you must remain within the confines of reality. Animation will let you be as creative as your imagination – and budget – allows.
Will your video need editing?
An animation is a cost and time effective option if you are likely to need editing and adjustments later on. Mistakes can be rectified relatively quickly, and information modified to present continuity in your marketing campaign or strategy. Once characters are made, they are made forever, and re-using the same concept in the future has benefits for the animation studio and the client.
The production time of a live-action video may be quicker, but it is more difficult to make any adjustments further down the line. Glaring errors to content can be costly to re-shoot. A new production team may need to be hired, along with actors and possibly even studio time.
Which is more cost-effective?
To tell the truth, the most cost-effective way is the way that works best for your content. With a budget in mind you can venture down either route. In terms of speed, usually filming will be the best route, and it largely depends “what happens on the day” – of course careful planning removes the risk that the video won’t deliver. Animation is a more considered approach that means whilst slower, every frame can be deliberated and pondered as it is made.
If you need a human touch, perhaps you want to feature the people who make up your business, or show off something visual like a product or a space – film it, and it you have a lot of complex information that would generally sit on a PowerPoint, an animated explainer video will be best.
Whichever you choose, The Giggle Group is here to help. We have producers geared up for both, and of course an in-house animation team. Animation, video production, and projection mapping is exactly what we’ve spent the last 10 years doing. Get in touch with our dedicated team today, to begin your journey to creating content that will make you smile.
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