Animation Driving Change – Stop FGM

Animation against FGM

At Giggle, we make “content that makes you smile”.  Sometimes a film comes along that doesn’t make you smile but it sure does make you think.  Needlecraft, is a powerful animation commissioned by African women’s charity FORWARD. The animation addresses the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM) in a shockingly effective way.

Can this Animation Stop The Cutting?

The practice of female genital mutilation is thought to have affected more than 130 million girls and women globally. Many migrant communities residing in Europe continue the practice. FGM has been illegal in the UK since 1985.  However, Department of Health data reveals over 14000 incidents of FGM were identified in British hospitals in just 7 months from September 2014.  It’s estimated that over 100,000 women are living with the consequences of FGM and 60,000 girls are at risk.

Needlecraft is a beautifully made film that powerfully demonstrates the severity and complexity of FGM. It uses a wax doll to demonstrate the brutal and pointless act of slicing off a girl’s ear and sewing up the wounded area to drive home the message that girls are beautiful just as they are.

Forward plans to make another 2 animations and they are continuing their work to raise awareness of this brutal practice. Their aim is to drive change. A version of Needlecraft suitable for primary schools, entitled My Body, My Rules will be released later in the year. A third film The Story of Ghati and Rhobi made for distribution in Tanzania and other African countries has been developed to raise awareness of FGM among a wider public, to end FGM and to help raise much needed funds for FORWARD’s work campaigning to end FGM. If you want to help and support them, donate make a donation through Charity Choice and share this video to help spread the message far and wide.

If you have a message to get out there, no matter how difficult, Giggle can help you communicate it in an engaging and effective way.  See our recent work on End Of Life Studies for Glasgow University for an example of a creative approach to a tough topic.  Contact Claire or Sabrina on 0117 972 0081 if you would like some help getting your message out there.




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