Android winning battle of the smartphones?

Posted by | 9th January 2011 | Communications | No Comments

So it looks like the Android operating system has overtaken the iPhone in the US and quicker than expected. My more techy anti Apple friends are rubbing their hands with mobile glee mainly due to this article.

But aren’t they really comparing apples to oranges? Android is available on numerous handsets on multiple carriers so compared to the iphone it will always have the total sales advantage. And from the look of it this isn’t people leaving Apple to choose their Google owned rival in fact increases for both companies seem to be from eating into Blackberry and others.

Hurrah for diversity, hurrah for choice and make sure that if you’re making an app it’s both android and iphone ready. (Still wish I could have found a way to call this “Blackberry and Apple crumble”?)

Android versus Apple

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