Our Philosophy

We like a giggle – who doesn’t? We know what makes your audience tick. Positive, authentic stories using wit and warmth to engage. Our work goes the extra mile to break down barriers, illuminate your message and make ideas stick. Shared insights connect people, aid memory and promote change. What’s not to like?
Giggle makes content that makes you smile

The Team

A wise man once said the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Jon The Giggle Group

“In my time I have produced visuals for multi million selling bands, managed composers, played the cello, dragged a 21 piece orchestral club ensemble around Europe and run an opera company. Does this make me a creative polymath or just an idiot? The jury is still out…”

Jonathan Brigden
Managing Director

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Steve The Giggle GRoup

“It’s no surprise that we run a company called Giggle! From my time as a theatre director to the many hours I spent in Edit suites, Motion Capture studios, on location and in Karaoke bars the only thing that connects them all is the constant search for another joyful nugget of creativity – a search that for me, will never end.”

Steve Garratt
Group Creative Director

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“Tech innovations allow us to create things that used to be the preserve of Hollywood. Working towards the best solution, creating whatever we need, is really liberating.”

Sharon Kersley
Executive Producer /
Head of Events


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“B2B and B2C video content is all i’ve ever known, and i’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest companies. It’s my job to keep things on time and on budget. If anyone asks we’re a nice, normal animation studio.”

David Humphreys



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“Storytelling has taken many forms of visual art over the ages. The boundaries between these forms are now blended, giving a vibrant background to design new and exciting ways of visual narration.”

Hayley Evenett
Designer / Animator


“The moving image industry is always evolving new capabilities, so we are always developing new techniques in order to deliver the best creative solution possible.”

Iina Kuula
Designer / Animator


“In a world with over a billion screens we are awash with information telling us to buy, sell, want and need, there is not enough content being made that draws a smile. This is what I aim to achieve in every piece of work I create.”

Edward Vosper
Designer / Animator


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“’We bring our experience, creativity and production values to the table and then we mould our team to best suit your objectives.

Matt Berry
New Business Director



“I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile.”
– Charles de Lint

Opportunities at Giggle

Freelance After Effects & Cinema 4D designers

Please send your reel, website and CV to jobs@thegigglegroup.co.uk and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.