4 Reasons Why Promoting Your Brand Needs Video Animation

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Great promotion isn’t just about the quality of content. People are now enticed with colourful visuals partnered with a witty and interesting delivery. Ads often come with stories customers can relate to and underneath all the bravado is the message that your business is trying to relate.

With that said, video animation is one way to give your company a competitive edge. It is projected that video traffic will make up around 80% of the global internet traffic by 2021 and this means that as a business, you have a bigger opportunity to connect to your consumers through this medium. Studies also proved that videos yield higher engagement rates than other content forms. In 2017, video production in advertising has $13.2 billion total estimated value and by 2021, that number will go up to $22 billion. Video production is on the rise and it’s time to pay attention to it!

As video space becomes more crowded and more competitive, how can you make sure that your company stands out from everyone? The answer is simple. It is animation. With animation, you can turn your costumers’ wildest ideas into engaging videos. Videos that will convey their message, bring out their brand and get their audiences’ attention.

How does video animation create opportunities for your business? We have listed the answers below.

Explains Business Ideas Vividly

In any business, you have to explain your product or service in a way that your consumers can easily understand. However, this is not always the case. There are times when explaining can be difficult when the idea, the brand, or the service require a clear narrative. Video animation can help your business turn even the most difficult idea to a medium that is easy for your consumers to understand.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Video animation can make anything possible. If you can visualise it in your mind, then you can bring it to life through the use of animation. This stretches your imagination and gives you the chance to make campaigns and strategies that are one step ahead of your competitors. Aside from that, video animation will give your business a unique voice of its own.

You can choose to incorporate your brand’s colours, logos, websites, or print materials in your video. This will create a content that your audience will find memorable.

Lower Production Costs

Producing a live video can be very challenging. You need a lot of crew, a set of equipment, a variation of actors, a list of venues, and a production calendar. If there’s one shot that you didn’t get quite right, you have to do a re-shoot, and this could add time to your turnaround and cost you a lot more. With video animation, it cuts these hassles and turns it into a more productive content with just a low cost. You do not need to look for crews, equipment, actors, and venue. You just need a handful of people who have creative juices or an animation company which can work systematically with you. This is cheaper and easier than creating a live video.

Contents are Flexible

With video animations, your contents become more flexible. You can easily repurpose and fit them to different mediums and campaigns. You can cut your video and make it a teaser. You can also tailor your videos to fit your target market.

With the number of videos being circulated around the market, it is definitely here to stay, and it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. As more people choose to watch videos, companies need to get more creative in order to stay in the game. Using video animation can take ideas, strategies, and campaigns to a higher ground. The possibilities are just as endless as your creative ideas.

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